Each senior high school student (SHS) must choose one track to master and base his decision on how to advance after graduating. After weighing all your options and you realize you want to pursue a college education, you can take the Academic Track.

Under the Academic Track, an SHS has four options or strands to choose from: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), HUMSS (Humanities & Social Sciences), ABM (Accounting & Business Management) and GAS (General Academic Strand).

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) is for science and math enthusiasts. It integrates the application of technology in specific subjects and offers more advanced topics like Earth Science, Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction and Basic Calculus. If you want to pursue a career in Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Sciences and Medicine; STEM is the strand for you.

HUMSS (Humanities & Social Sciences) is divided into two fields, the Humanities and Social Sciences. While Humanities deals with human culture, Social Sciences focuses on human society and social relations. Part of the curriculum includes introduction to world religions, Philippine and world literature, political and community development specialization subjects.

Later on, you can be teacher, a psychologist, a lawyer, a writer, a social worker or a journalist.

ABM (Accountancy, Business & Management) focuses on basic concepts of financial, business and corporate managements.  You will be studying financial and management accounting alongside the legal, business, and organizational contexts that you will be encountering in your future enterprise.

ABM is recommended if you have keen entrepreneurial skills, seek a career in public and government administration or love the challenge of crunching numbers like accountants.

GAS (General Academic Strand) is for students who are not yet decided on what course to take in college. They can choose from college standard electives from the different academic tracks as bridging courses to assess their preparedness for the field of study they will choose in the future.

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