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Senior High School

General Information


FEU Alabang Senior High School provides quality education that prepares its graduates for college, for the world of work, and for life. Its curriculum is student-centered, values-oriented, and competency-laden; its delivery method is through technology and its learning activities are project-based.

FEU Alabang offers Four (4) Strands from the Academic Track:
Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM)
General Academic Strand (GAS)
Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS)
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

3As in MILES Senior High School

Academic Materials

Contents are developed based on DepEd’s Curriculum Guide and FEU Alabang Senior High School ensures an efficient way for the students to learn with the help of these academic materials.

Main & Subtopic Lectures

Module learning will take effect and topics are divided into subtopics, PowerPoint presentations for the whole module and per subtopic will be available.

Video Courseware and Recorded Lecture

A recorded discussion for the respective module.

Study Guides

A reviewer that you should read before taking the assessment.

Supplementary Materials

An additional material to strengthen your knowledge for each subtopic/module. To guarantee top-notch resources for our students, we have partnered with McGraw-Hill Education, one of the top names in the international education publishing industry, and Labster, a virtual experience of a laboratory for 3D simulations.


MILES (Mastery-based Individualized Learning Enhancement System) comes with unique ways of catering to the learning acquired by its students in the forms of different types of assessments: assessment for learning, assessment as learning, and assessment of learning.

Guided Formative Assessment is a scaffolding style of assessing learning wherein students are being guided while taking the assessment and also being given 3 attempts to achieve the set score to be able to proceed to the succeeding part of the module. This type of assessment caters to both assessments for learning and as learning.

Summative Assessment is an assessment administered at the end of the designated module. This kind of assessment is proctored and synchronous and is intended to evaluate student learning which makes it an assessment for learning.

A performance task is any learning activity or assessment that tasks students to perform a real-world based scenario, in which the students demonstrate their knowledge, understanding, and proficiency. Performance tasks can be in a form of tangible product and/or performance which serve as evidence of learning.

Quarterly Assessment is a scheduled assessment before every quarter ends, which will assess the total acquisition of learning of each student in a whole quarter. This assessment is proctored and synchronously done.

Access to Faculty

As FEU Alabang Senior High School embraces this mode of learning, we will not let our students go through the academic materials and assessments on their own. The institution promotes guided learning as your teachers will be available for assistance and consultation.

Following DepEd’s guideline, we made sure that the students can maximize their communication with their subject teachers for any type of concerns.

Students may raise their concern through:
1. Messaging our faculty through email or in our learning management system, Canvas.
2. Attending a scheduled consultation.
3. Discussing it during their synchronous meetings.

Synchronous-Asynchronous Learning

Each subject will be given a two to four (2-4) hours per week allotment where the teacher can conduct lectures and meetings synchronously, in which attendance is encouraged but not required. Recorded synchronous meetings will also be uploaded to help those who prefer asynchronous type of learning.

The online platform does not take away the teacher’s participation in helping mold our students but it further promotes various ways for collaboration and interaction.

Partnership of Home and School

Partnership of home and school is one of the priorities of the institution as it acknowledges the importance of excellent communication and collaboration not only with the students but also with the parents and guardians.

With this, the school provides a wide range of academic and holistic support to the home. Aside from the senior high school faculty, the students are also assisted by the library, guidance, discipline, and registrar. The parents and guardians can also be involved in the learning process and concerns as they are also encouraged to reach out through the services offered by the school.

Senior High School Department

Office Hours: Monday to Friday
8:00 a.m. ─ 5:00 p.m.


Trunkline: (02) 8288 8338 Local 127/125