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Guidance and Counseling Unit

The Guidance and Counseling Unit (GCU) serves as the students’ partner in achieving success in their academic, career, and personal/social domains. It is a place where any student can go to talk about concerns that affect his/her life as a student and as an individual. Problems or issues discussed in individual sessions with any of the counselors are treated with confidentiality and do not appear in the students’ academic records.


The Guidance Unit exists to provide guidance and counseling services that will facilitate students in actualizing their potentials to become responsible and principled individuals.



Counseling allows a student to express concerns affecting his life inside and outside school. It aims to build a helping relationship wherein the counselor works together with the individual student in facilitating adjustment and growth in many aspects of his life.


Various materials on topics ranging from college adjustment to finding the right jobs are made available for any student to take advantage of. Orientations, seminars, trainings/workshops, and other relevant activities are offered for students to avail.

Follow-Up & Monitoring

Students under special programs receive continued assistance in improving their performance in school. This service is also extended to students who availed counseling or consultation service to check on their status and progress.


The counselors assist students, parents, and the faculty in developing solutions to an identified problematic situation by providing adept advice and by tapping their strengths, potentials, and available resources that can help improve the situation.


Psychological tests, such as personality, workplace skills and IQ tests, are commonly availed by students to help them become more aware of their strengths and areas for improvement. Students may also gain insights from the test results that can guide their career and decisions and actions.

Research & Evaluation

Research and evaluation are conducted on the guidance programs, services, and staff to determine whether the desired goals are met. Research and evaluation results are also used to improve or modify the delivery of the guidance programs and services.

Guidance and Counseling Unit

Room 1007


Trunkline: (02) 8288-8338 Local 170