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Scholarships & Grants

FEU Alabang, with the support of our academic partners, provides financial assistance by offering various scholarship programs to deserving and qualified students who have the desire to continue their education at the undergraduate level.

List of our requirements for the different kinds of scholarship:

President’s Scholarship

  1. Senior High School Graduate with Honor Certificate
  2. Honors Certificate
  3. Senior High School Report Cards (Grade 11 and Grade 12)
  4. Certificate of Ranking indicating the graduating batch population
  5. Parent’s ITR (Income Tax Return)
  6. PSA Birth Certificate

Entrance Merit Scholarship

  1. A 90-94% or 95-99% result in the College Admission Test.
  2. Senior High School Report Card (Form 138) with a GWA of at least 85%.

Academic Scholarship

  1. Must be an existing or enrolled FEU Alabang student.
  2. Must have a TGPA of at least 3.4 and with no individual grades lower than 2.0.
  3. Parents’ Income Tax Return (ITR)

Elite Academic Scholarship

  1. Graduate from any science senior high school.
  2. Must maintain a CGPA of 2.5 or higher (for Freshmen SN 2016 and above).
  3. Parent’s ITR (Combined annual income must not exceed to P300,000.00)

Financial Assistance Scholarship

  1. High school graduate of any school from the National Capital Region.
  2. Parent’s ITR (Combined annual income must not exceed to P300,000.00)
  3. Average high school grade of at least 88% or above in Math, Science, and English plus GWA of 88% or higher.
  4. Grades in all other subjects taken during Grade 12 must at least be 80% or above.

Transferee Scholarship

  1. Must have enrolled and completed the following number of units in the preceding term, which will be the basis of the GPA computation (depending on school calendar format):
    1. Semester -18 units
    2. Trimester -15 units
    3. Quadmester -12 units
  2. This grant applies for one (1) term only. Should the transferee wish to continue as a scholar, he/she should apply for the Academic Scholarship. (Please refer to Academic Scholarship for details.)
  3. Parent’s ITR (Combined annual income must not exceed P300,000.00)

Cultural Group Members Scholarship

  1. Existing and new students must pass the auditions for training as certified by the Artistic Director of FEU Manila.
  2. They must maintain a TGPA of 2.5 or better and no failing marks in all subjects.
  3. Parent’s ITR (Combined annual income must not exceed to P300,000.00)

What Are the Procedures to Apply for Scholarship?

  1. Accomplish the Admissions Forms
  2. Submit the accomplished Admissions Forms together with the digital copies of the required documents to
  3. Follow up the status of scholarship application at the Registrar's Office,