Community Extension Service Unit

The Community Extension Services Unit (CESU)is a unit of the Student Affairs and Community Services Office that aims to organize, and implement opportunities for the associates and students through community outreach activities.

Following the three (3) functions of Higher Educational institutions, community outreach is the culmination of the two(2) other functions namely instruction and research. The Community Extension Service Unit provides opportunity to Associates and students to demonstrate their commitment in sharing their expertise in their respective professional fields to communities and organizations.


To enhance the expertise of partner communities and/organizations on technological skills.
To promote concern and pro-active response to address ecological issues by providing opportunities to Associate to participate in environmental projects.
To increase the awareness of the Associates and student with the current social issues/problems by conducting Social Awareness Seminars/Symposia;
To promote and/or enhance the spirit of volunteerism between and among Associates and students by conducting volunteer formation training programs;                                                     To generate needed resources to facilitate the implementation of the college community involvement project by conducting resource generation activities.
To enhance college community program and services.
To attract partnerships with Government and non-government agencies with the same developmental framework.