Student Services

Accounting Office

The Accounting Office handles the financial records of students. Fitting and issuance of regular uniforms are also administered by the Accounting Office.

Insurance Services

Each student is provided with an accident insurance upon enrollment to the Institute. Only students currently enrolled at the occurrence of the accident are qualified for the benefits of the accident insurance.

Admission and External Relations Office

AERO processes admission to the Institute and does application procedures, testing, and other information related to admission in the Institute. The office provides up-to-date information on all FEU Alabang programs through advertisements, career talks, and other related academic campaigns.

Cashier’s Office

The Cashier’s Office is the sole entity in the Institute authorized to collect and release payments for school fees and other charges

Computer Services Office & Management Information System

The Computer Services Office provides technical support and assistance to the users of the Institute’s Information Technology and Communications facilities. They are also in-charge of the ICT infrastructure’s operation, configuration, and administration.

Management Information System is the unit responsible for creating and developing systems and application based on the business processes and operations requirement of the Institute’s academic and administrative offices.

Facilities Office

 The Facilities Office is the unit that maintains an ideal academic physical setting for the Institute. Its main function is to create and maintain a safe environment for students and associates.

The Facilities Office monitors the use of the physical facilities and the activities scheduled for the day.

Registrar’s Office

 he Registrar’s Office is the sole repository of all student records from the time of admission until graduation.

It renders vital services such as the evaluation of academic credits earned, preparation and issuance of transfer credentials, scholastic records, transcript of records, ID validation, diplomas and certificates of graduation. I t further assists the various academic units in preparing the curricula for all academic programs offered by the school.