Industry-Academe Linkage Program

True to its catchphrase “Where Industry meets Academe”, the IALAP Office
has interacted with various corporations to take part in the different
activities of the College.

Industry Partners are organizations that have I.T. or Engineering related
requirements. This may be in any form, be it:

  • Manpower requirements
  • On-the-job Trainees
  • Or any needs that the College can provide

The type of Industry Partners the College has ranges from small start-up companies to large multinational corporations.


  1. Collaborative engagements such as:
    • Student Internship : Assist in the formation of students to be competent professionals. Prospective employees of the Industry Partner.
    • Faculty Immersion : Assist in providing industry-relevant teachers.
    • Scholarship Grants : Provide financial assistance to deserving students who are financially challenged.
    • Research and Development Projects : Access to established facilities for research.
    • Community Involvement Projects : Assist Industry Partners with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or visa-versa.
    • Seminars and Training : Provide information that would develop competent and principled professionals
    • Recruitment Activities : Venue to source prospective employees of the Industry Partners.
    • Consultative Conferences: Integration of specialized skill set requirements of the industry partner may be adopted into the College’s curricula.
  2. Access to linkages with the Feeder High Schools of the College.
  3. Broadcast of manpower requirements to graduating students and alumni members.
  4. Access to graduates’ list
  5. Exclusive Career Talks and Job Fairs
  6. Continuous flow of qualified prospective employees
  7. Establishment of network with other Industry Partners.


Click the link below and fill-out the information sheet. The IALAP Office will get in touch with you as soon as we received the accomplished Industry Partner Information Sheet.

Industry Partner Information Sheet (66KB, Microsoft Word Document)