What Do Engineers Do?

Posted: March 8, 2018


Engineering is a promising profession because it opens doors to numerous, challenging, and rewarding jobs. But engineering is not a one-type-fits-all kind of career. There are different kinds of engineers with specific areas of expertise.

Civil engineers develop solutions to the world’s biggest problems such as air pollution, dilapidated roadways and bridges, airport and highway traffic, and polluted bodies of waters. They are also the ones in charge of designing transportation systems.

Computer engineers integrate electronic engineering with computer science. They control computer processes and develop systems and programs by gathering, analyzing, and presenting data.

Construction engineers are focused on supporting and advancing the construction through a thorough study of new construction technologies, materials and management techniques.

Electronics engineers’ job is slightly close to that of an electrical engineer’s. Once of the major differences is that electronics engineers utilize electricity to process information, and not just to transfer energy. They create the electronic components of the appliances we use daily such as televisions, stereo, and computers.

Electrical engineers design transmission lines that provide electricity to factories, offices, and homes.

Manufacturing engineers design the manufacturing process with special machinery to make production easier and more efficient. They develop, manufacture and distribute all types of products which may use automation and mechatronics.

Mechanical engineers are the ones we should thank to because they are the people behind the efficient delivery and transportation of products and the convenient work environment that we now enjoy because of automation and robotics.

Choosing the best engineering degree is of course subjective and different for each person. The choice a student makes will be based on a couple of things—where his interests lie, what field has the best outlook for the future, and where he decides to apply for his engineering education.

Contributed by Dr. Manuel C. Belino, Senior Director for Engineering at FEU Institute of Technology