Gymnasium has a centralized air- conditioning system and equipped with major sports facilities such as an indoor basketball court, volleyball court, and multi-purpose sections that can be used for Physical Education classes and other functions.

Multi-Purpose room (mPr) is a classroom type venue with a built-in sound system and Digital Light Processing (DLP) that can be used by both students and associates for trainings, seminars and other related functions.

Language Laboratory – The Humanities,  Social Sciences, and Communication Department offers three English Specialized Programs or ENSP, namely Reading into Writing with Grammar (ENSP1), Practical Spoken and Written English for Future Professionals (ENSP2), and Oral Communication and Public Speaking (ENSP3). Each of the ENSP courses has 2-hour laboratory sessions every week. The laboratory classes aims to  enhance the students’ proficiency in the English Language through task-based learning.

The standardized laboratory tasks are designed to engage the students in pragmatic applications of the concepts introduced in the lecture rooms.The headsets are used for basic and complex telephoning, pronunciation drills, and other orally delivered activities. The laboratory also has internet connection that allows students to conduct research, make drafts, send output, and create presentations for their written and public speaking requirements.

The laboratory may also be used for lecture purposes as glass boards and overhead projectors are also provided.

Food court is fully air-conditioned with a wide seating capacity. It serves a variety of meals, snack, and refreshments for students and Associates.













Security Office is tasked to:

  1. Secure the assets of the Institute;
  2. Maintain peace and order inside the Institute’s premises;
  3. Ensure the safety of its faculty, associates and students.