3 Modes of Learning Under Mastery-based Individualized Learning Enhancement System

MILES stands for Mastery-based Individualized Learning Enhancement System. It is a pioneering educational system that extends the capability of Canvas* to ensure mastery and individualized learning. 

Mastery learning is an innovative technological strategy in education which maintains that students need to achieve a level of mastery in prerequisite topics before moving on to learn subsequent topics. It helps build a strong foundation for present and future learning. The learning environment is further enhanced by individualized learning where faculty members provide mentoring and tutoring support to individual students. 

With MILES, students learn and practice their lessons using well-designed content and assessments geared toward mastery of the lesson—encouraging students to reach higher levels of achievement and develop more confidence in their ability to learn.

*Canvas is FEU Alabang, FEU Diliman, and FEU Tech’s learning management system (LMS).

MILES offers three modes of learning delivery that will surely cater to your academic needs: Fully Online, Blended Online, and Blended Face-to-face.

Read their respective definitions below so you can choose the option that best suits you. 

1. FULLY ONLINE (Requires 1oo% internet access)

This learning mode is recommended for students who have unlimited cellular data or stable internet access with computer devices suitable for their course requirements.

With Fully Online, all learning materials, lectures, and assignments are uploaded in advance on MILES. This option has no fixed class schedules so students can study the educational materials at their own pace and convenience. The learning materials are accessible 24/7 and may be downloaded and printed for study even offline.

Fully Online allows them to review lessons from past courses and gives a preview of the next course. Consultations with faculty, academic mentoring, and assessments will be done online as well.

2. BLENDED ONLINE (Requires minimal access to internet)

Blended Online is favorable for students with limited internet access. Students are provided with educational materials via Digital Learning Packet or Printed Learning Packet.

Since learning packets are not internet-dependent, access to the internet is reduced and needed only for faculty consultations and assessments. 

Digital Learning Packets (DLP) are flash drives that contain all learning materials, including video lectures and learning activities. Printed Learning Packets (PLP) are hard copies of the same learning materials. These packets will be sent out to students upon request for a minimal fee, via courier.

3. BLENDED FACE-TO-FACE (Requires minimal access to internet and will be made available once the government allows resumption of physical classes)

This option balances online learning with on-campus interactions. Classes and lab courses that require personal interaction will be under this option. Limited slots will be offered to ensure social distancing and other health protocols. This option will be accessible once we are allowed to resume on-campus classes.

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