Bachelor in Multimedia Arts

The Bachelor in Multimedia Arts (BMA) program aligns itself to the rapid convergence of media technologies and practices by developing conceptual, technical, aesthetic, and professional competencies for effective, critical and innovative story telling across a range or combination of media forms for various purposes. It recognizes that digital media collapse different modes of expression and communication net works that allows for an inter face of the local and global, the national and transnational.

The BMA program is designed to respond to the requirement in the discipline for graduates to be familiar to a wide range of media forms; and to provide the theoretical foundations and practical experience to develop skills in creative storytelling and expression for various purposes and contexts. The program aims to create competent digital artists and communicators capable of disseminating a national idiom whereby Philippine cultural contexts, identities, and formations are articulated in global discourse.

The goal of the BMA program is to develop within students the knowledge and skills that will enable them to communicate effectively, critically, and creatively across a range of new media technologies and forms, and to develop multimedia projects for various purposes.

Graduates of BMMA are expected to have the following competencies:

Soft Skills and Values:

  • Communication and Presentation Skills – Creativity and Innovation
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills – Team Work
  • Adaptability to Change – Leadership
  • Understanding of MA Business – Professional Ethics
  • Compliance to Intellectual Property Laws – Marketing/Advertising

Technical Skills:

  • Desktop Publishing – Traditional and Digital Drawing
  • Visual Communication Skills – Game Concept and Design
  • Sound Design and Editing – Project Management
  • Visual/Graphics Design – Digital Illustration
  • Painting

Digital Film and Animation Skills

  • 2D Design and Animation – Basic and Advanced 3D Animation
  • Digital Film Production – Design and Production Process
  • 3D Modeling and Rendering – Video Production and Visual Effects

Career Opportunities:

  • Computer Graphics Designer
  • Print / Desktop Publisher
  • Multimedia Designer / Developer
  • Photographer
  • 2D / 3D Designer
  • 2D Animator
  • 2D Illustrator
  • 2D conceptual artist
  • 2D texture artist
  • 3D model builder
  • 3D cut scene artist
  • 3D character builder
  • 3D character animator
  • Art Director
  • Art Technician