Tertiary Organizations


The Student Coordinating Council (SCC)

The Student Coordinating Council was established to be highest governing student body of FEU Tech. It is the official representative of students of FEU Alabang within and outside the School. It fosters an atmosphere where critical thinking prevails. It enjoins the students to act as one in addressing their concerns and welfare and in asserting their rights.


The Innovator

The Innovator is the official publication of the students and associates of FEU Alabang. The Innovator aims to promote campus journalism in the School and defend the rights of students to information and freedom of expression through truthful, factual, unbiased and relevant news, meaningful and significant opinions and articles published in both printed and electronic data.


Junior Philippine Computing Society (JPCS – FEU Alabang)

The Junior Philippine Computer Society aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of the youth in the field of Information and Communication Technology. It provides students with complementary experiences needed to become world– class IT professionals.


Association of Computing Machinery (ACM – FEU Alabang Student Chapter) 

The Association of Computing Machineries represents the academic organization for Information Technology students of FEU Alabang. The organization aims to form an alliance between the different specializations of the college in Information Technology.


Association of Civil Engineering Students (ACES – FEU Alabang Student Chapter)

The Association of Civil Engineering Students is the local student chapter of the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineering (PICE). It aims to provide its members with interesting activities that will help them grow academically and professionally.


Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines (ICpEP – FEU Alabang Student Chapter)

The Computer Engineering Organization envisions the development of students’ skills and empowerment of their interests towards excellence in ComputerEngineering as their field of specialization. It is committed in developing competent and skilled CpE professionals, harnessing leadership potentials of its officers and members, establishing camaraderie and close ties with associates, members, officers and other student organizations, and representing the interest, welfare and ideals of its members.


Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines (IECEP – MSC Student Chapter)

The IECEP – MSC Student Chapter aims to enhance rapport and cultivate cooperation and camaraderie among Electronics Engineering students. It perceived the necessity to a collative and complete embodiment of ECE students. All efforts and endeavors of this organization shall be directed toward the betterment of service to the body represented. Hence, it is committed to enhance and propel the student body through a single, unified voice. IECEP – MSC Student Chapter is the local chapter of the School of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines Manila Student Chapter (IECEP- MSC) in the Institution.


Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME  Student Chapter)

PSME Student Chapter aims to be the pinnacle of FEU Alabang’s Mechanical Engineering Department by honing our students to become socially, intellectually and ethically competitive future mechanical engineers.


Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. (IIEE Student Chapter)

IIEE Student Chapter aims for academic excellence and endeavors to balance growth and development. It provides activities that are helpful and highly essential for the development of Electrical Engineering students’ ingenuity in their field of specialization.



The main objective of the Artist Connection is to provide a venue to initiate productive endeavors where its members can exhibit their talents and skills in singing, dancing, acting and cheer dancing. It aims to share and enhance these talents by creating training and workshop sessions. It is also geared towards development of leadership through training and heading groups of performers. AC has four sub-organizations namely Music Synergy, Theater and Guild, Exude Dancers.


FEU Alabang Honors’ Society

An organization promoting academic excellence imbued with proper values and attitude for all the members within the institution. They aim to enhance the Math and Physics skills of the student by providing different activities


Recreation and Athletics

The Recreation and Athletics Club endeavors to promote healthy lifestyle through sports. It helps in the creation of teams that represent the Institute in sports competitions.